Benefits Guru Open Finance Ratings 2024

Congratulations to Aviva for their impressive performance in the recent Benefits Guru Open Finance Ratings! These prestigious awards, powered by the Finance Technology Research Centre, recognise providers dedicated to employee financial well-being.

Aviva’s strong showing in the ratings is a testament to their commitment to providing valuable financial wellness solutions. This achievement highlights their focus on empowering both employers and employees in achieving financial security.

We applaud Aviva for their well-deserved recognition and their ongoing efforts to promote financial wellness within the workplace.

Transaction history & categorisation:

When an account has been linked to Aviva, on average, 12 months of transaction history will be made available. The transaction history is captured automatically, and Aviva will categorise each transaction accordingly (Aviva supports market leading exhaustive primary and secondary categories, but the user cannot add their own as yet). 

Including partner & joint accounts:

Aviva allows users to connect their own banking, savings and credit card accounts, and those in joint name or a partners account where supported.

Account connectivity:

Using open finance technology, workplace scheme members can connect their current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards.

Messaging & outcomes:

Aviva will use data from open finance to help drive better personalised financial outcomes for their members. This includes intelligent messaging or nudges for spending, saving and debt management. Messages are delivered to the member as push notifications via the app and portal or secure messaging.


Aviva will automatically notify the user to renew their Open Banking consent every 90 days via push notifications, and will follow up with reminders if not actioned accordingly. If the consent is not renewed after 90 days the account will be deactivated and all transactional history is deleted.

Bank Connectivity:

Aviva can use Open Finance to retrieve account data from numerous high street and challenger banks we have in our analysis. This includes American Express, and challenger banks Monzo, Starling and Revolut.


Our annual ratings are designed to assist advisers, providers and employers in their decision-making process and highlight which providers have the greatest strengths, all the awards and the accompanying provider factsheets please visit click on relevant areas of their pension propositions.