Below is a snapshot of the data that we hold on Member Communications.

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1 Can your system create and provide the following regulatory correspondence:
1.1 Invitation to join a scheme
1.2 Letter to Eligible Jobholders telling them that they have been automatically enrolled?
1.3 Letter to Non-Eligible Workers asking them if they would like to be automatically enrolled?
1.4 Letter to workers who are already in a qualifying pension scheme informing them about automatic enrolment and that they won’t be affected as they are already in your pension scheme
1.5 Notification of postponement
1.6 Opt-in and opt out correspondence
1.7 Re-enrolment correspondence
2 Does you system provide templates for all the statutory employee communications?
3 Do you communicate/inform the member each time a contribution is made to their policy (i.e each month)?
3.1 By post / letter
3.2 By email
3.3 By SMS / text message
3.4 By member portal or via a mobile application