Below is a snapshot of the data that we hold on Retirement Options.

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1 Are you providing any tools or support for advisers to assist them with the Pension Freedom changes?
2 Do you offer lifetime annuity products?
3 Do you offer an impaired life annuity?
4 Do you offer a deferred annuity?
5 Are you going to develop any additional annuity products?
5.1 If yes, please confirm what these are
6 Do you offer a flexible access drawdown product?
6.1 Is this a combined or standalone solution?
6.2 Do you allow members to make ad-hoc withdrawals?
6.3 Can you facilitate adviser charging from a combined flexible access drawdown facility?
6.4 Have you applied any with withdrawal restrictions?
6.5 What is the minimum fund value required to designate flexible access drawdown?
6.6 What is the minimum payment allowed as a regular income payment from flexible access drawdown?
6.7 Can payments be requested by the member online with no manual intervention in the payment process?
6.8 Can members take tax free cash and no income from the flexible access drawdown?